A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a mysterious mage capable of controlling fire through spells. Your mission is to explore the (previously) unexplored cave of Kubli. Are you up for the challenge?

Flame Quest is a sidescrolling platformer-shooter with custom visuals and music all made by flouter (me).

This game was a submission for the Community Game Jam 2019 and is my first time participating in a game jam!

Are you ready to join forces?


FlameQuestLin.zip 73 MB
FlameQuestMac.zip 75 MB
FlameQuestWin.zip 71 MB

Development log


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The art is amazing, the grey dude is very cute, and the combat is juicy. Overall, an amazing game, despite it being unfinished!


  • not sure how this fits in with the theme of the jam
  • invincibility frames would've been nice, as most of the time I just got rammed several times really quickly and died instantly, rendering the 3 hit points useless, unless this wasn't added due to your lack of time

Anyways, have an above average day!

I actually implemented the invincibility frames, but my computer decided to crash and I didn't have time to reimplement it. I'm planning on releasing a 2.0 version in my spare time. Thanks for feedback!